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2014 Memorial Day

On an overcast day the 2014 Memorial Day was held at Clandon Park near Guildford on Monday 30th June.

At 3pm the Reverend John Ackland, an Honorary Life Member of the Fund, started the ceremony by welcoming 165 family and friends of our dear colleagues who have sadly passed away whilst in service or since retirement.

Following two minutes of silent tribute and remembrance, wreaths were laid in memory.

Below Val Rycraft, ACCF President, laying a white wreath on behalf of The Fund.

A blue wreath was laid by Chris Field (Worldwide Fleet) on behalf of all current Cabin Crew.


A red wreath was laid by Jacques Hylkema and Amy James on behalf of British Airways.

There was the reading of the names of those who have passed in recollection of loved ones followed by the traditional reading of the anonymous poem "Miss Me".

Heads bowed as "Miss Me" is read by the Reverend John Ackland..

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