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The British Airways Air Cabin Crew Fund was founded in 1971 as a membership self help group to keep in touch with, and support, colleagues who are away from work due to medium or long term sickness. This includes personal contact and financial support.

We send to our sick colleagues:-

At 3 weeks a Card and £50.00 Marks & Spencer voucher

At 6 weeks a Card and £50.00 Marks & Spencer voucher

At 3, 4 & 5 months a Card and cheque for £125.00

At 6 months a Card and cheque for £500.00

Subsequent months a Card and cheque for £125.00

The only two stipulations to being a member, and therefore allowing the administrators to know you are off work, are a) that you must be on an operational roster when you apply and b) that you contribute at least £4 a month to the Fund. This can be done by clicking, printing and completing a Membership Form available HERE.

The President of the Fund is Val Rycraft. You can contact the Fund through our Administrators, at Waterside or telephone on 020 8513 1178 or Internal 31178.


The A to Z of the Air Cabin Crew Fund

A is for Administration.
A committee of past and present crew members headed by a President, Vice President, Honorary Treasurer and Secretary ensure the smooth running of the ACCF.

B is for Bases.
Our fund at present covers all BA mainline bases.

C is for Clandon Park.
A commemorative Dutch garden is maintained in memoriam to deceased colleagues and provides a sanctuary for family and friends.

D is for Donations.
All we ask is a minimum of £4 from your hard earned cash each month.

E is for Effort.
We make an effort to contact every member who is sick, but if we should let anyone slip through the net, then please forgive us and DO tell us.

F is for flowers.
We sometimes send flowers to members who are off sick, particularly to those going into hospital, to brighten up their day.

G is for Get Well Card.
Every member gets one, and a £50 M&S Voucher, after 3 weeks of sickness.

H is for Helping Each Other.
At home and abroad.

I is for Impartial.
The ACCF is not allied to any other body, politically or otherwise.

J is for Joining.
You can do so by clicking here printing and completing the form. Posting it to the ACCF Administration desk at Waterside whose address is under Email link at top of the page.

K is for Kindness.
Shown by persons offering gratuities to cabin crew who then donate it to the ACCF and also by crew who donate their bar commission.

L is for Liaising.
Imperative for Committee Members to do so with scheduling to ensure a roster free day to attend ACCF meetings and other fund raising Events.

M is for Money.
Every member receives a cheque after three months sickness and again at four, five and six months of sickness. After that, for up to a further year and a half, every member receives a cheque every month until they return to fitness.

N is for Next of Kin.
Next of kin, family, friends and colleagues are very welcome to join us at the Annual Memorial Day at Brooklands Museum (See the 'Clandon' page for details). If you wish for the name of those you come to remember to be read out, please email us with your details, the number attending in your party and the name/s as you would like them included. Please Click Here To Tell Us That You Are Joining Us and then we can prepare.

O is for Origins.
The BOAC Air Cabin Crew Fund was founded in 1971 to help colleagues and their families in the event of sickness or death.

P is for President.
Elected every year.

Q is for Questions.
If you wish to write to us you will find out our new address under Email link at top of the page.

R is for Raffle.
The first held in 1975 raised £75. This has grown steadily and peaked at over £12,000 in the year 2000.

S is for Sickness List.
This is provided by the BA computer system adhering to all data protection regulations.

T is for Thanks.
The ACCF is always delighted when we receive heartfelt thanks from crew that we've helped. See some on our Home Page by clicking here.

U is for Ultimate Caring in our Community.
The ACCF is crew showing Support, Care and Concern for their colleagues who are unwell.

V is for Visits.
We try to visit our members at home or in hospital when they so wish, bringing all the latest gossip and some flowers.

W is for 'What You Can Buy' with your Marks & Spencer Vouchers.
A £50 voucher giving you the opportunity to buy something from Marks & Spencers after three and six weeks of sickness.

X is for our Xcellent Web Site.

Y is for You.
We can't do it by ourselves and welcome all the support you can give, whatever forms you give it in. After all the ACCF is YOU.

Z is for Zero.
And that's where we started from, to grow voluntarily into a self-help group that can offer you all you've read about up to now.


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