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You can contact the Fund via this email address


or you can Call or Text 0776 033 8130


Subsequent to the introduction of new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in May 2018, British Airways had to require us to change the existing joint procedures, obtain legal clearance on our documentation and get new, individual, contact approval from each of our over 3,000 members.  To achieve the latter, early last year, we were required to use the BA system to email every member with a request for them to confirm their approvals.  This we did.  To date we have received less than a 50% response rate and, under GDPR, we aren’t allowed to contact members who haven’t given permission.

Without each of these steps being completed, we were not even able to contact some of our sick members to send them their membership entitlements.  This has been an extremely lengthy, complex and arduous process.  It has only been fully completed in early 2020 and now we are having to deal with a massive backlog.  We are achieving that.  Thank you for your understanding and for bearing with all of the volunteers who freely give their time to run the Air Cabin Crew Fund.

If you are a member, and haven't done so already, as a matter of urgency please reply to this email a copy of which can be downloaded here ->

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"What The Air Cabin Crew Fund Does" at a Glance

The Air Cabin Crew Fund was founded in 1971 as a self help group to keep in touch with, and support, colleagues who are away from work due to medium or long term sickness.

This includes personal contact and financial support.

As an example:- In the last 3 months we have spent over £35,000 on supporting our sick Cabin Crew Colleague Members.

Plus, of course, the personal contact.

If you want to know more about who we are and what we do Please Click Here

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A small selection of the 'Thank You's' that we received from Cabin Crew in just 3 months

"I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to the ACCF for your help & support since the start of the year. It really has been a huge boost , and I'm both humbled & very grateful for your support."

"The cheque for £125 was very much appreciated whilst I am on long term sick battling cancer. The work and generosity of the ACCF is very welcome at a difficult time for me."

"You will never know how much it has helped me financially and how nice it is to know there are people that care as it does feel very much that you're home alone."

"I have been flying for 30 years this year and I have contributed to the Fund since joining BA. It is only when you are a receipient that you realise how important the members contributions are and I shall certainly be spreading the word when I'm back flying."

"There really aren't words to express my thanks. The cheque is so gratefully received. Thank you for all the hard and wonderful work that you and your team do."

"I'm hoping to return to work soon but thank you and my ACCF colleagues for remembering me in the meantime. It helps to feel less 'out of the loop'. You all do a great job."

"This is my first time off with long term sickness. Nobody prepares you for it and you have really made a difference to me."

"The work that you and your team do at the ACCF is very much appreciated and, whenever I can, I always recommend crew join this great Fund."

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Plus Click Here For The Trident 'Papa India' Memorial Service

The Air Cabin Crew Fund AGM is planned for

Monday March 15th 2021 at 10:30am

At 'The Bells Inn'

124 Church Street, Staines, Surrey, TW18 4ZB

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